Payment methods

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Bizum, by bank transfer and against refund. These are the payment methods that our online store accepts. You can select the one you prefer at the end of the purchase process.

This online shop operates in the European Union and all transactions are made in euros - if no other currency is specified. If payment is made with another currency, the conversion is based on the exchange rate of the day the purchase is made.

All payment forms will be made to ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK S.L., which manages the online sales operations of

Credit cards

We accept payment with Visa and MasterCard credit card.

Payment is made through a secure server (SSL) with an encrypted key.

Through this security system, your credit card data are sent directly to the corresponding banking authority through a secure and encrypted connection.

You may need to get out of your bank's security system. Each bank chooses its own security system: some request an additional password, others send you a secret code by SMS. Please contact your bank to know the procedure.

In these links you can find additional information about the secure payment with VISA or MASTERCARD

No one at ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK S.L., at the Online Store or on the Internet has access to your credit card data, under no circumstances, during payment or later.


BIZUM allows you to make the purchase payment with the mobile phone number.

Payment is made immediately, taking over the current account associated with BIZUM, in the financial entity with which the buyer has discharged the Service.

To pay with BIZUM the buyer only needs to have the BIZUM Key, a new security key (four-digit PIN) that can be used in all purchases in electronic commerce.

Buyer can get the BIZUM key in the account bank app that you want to associate with BIZUM payments or see how to get it on the BIZUM website.

How to make a BIZUM to pay for a purchase:

After choosing the option BIZUM on the payment page, the buyer must follow the following steps:

1. Type your mobile phone number e introduces BIZUM Key (PIN 4 digits).

2. Next, validate payment on your bank screen: You are usually asked to enter a unique code (exclusively valid for the purchase you are making) and you will receive at that time via SMS on your mobile phone.

Amazon Pay

Through your Amazon account you can make the payment with the card you have linked to them. With this simple way you won't have to write your payment data. You will find on our paybridge the Amazon Pay button to select this payment form.


PayPal allows any consumer who has an email address to send and receive payments safely. In the "Pay with PayPal" link, you can access the PayPal secure website, where, if you already own a PayPal account, you can authorize payment.

If you do not yet own a PayPal account, you will be able to register for free - you will have to include your credit card - and make orders payments to ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK S.L.

Bank transfer

To make your payment for bank transfer, select "Bank transfer" when you are in "Payment Methods". You will receive an e-mail where you must confirm your intention to pay by bank transfer by clicking on the corresponding button.

Once the confirmation is made, your order will be booked pending you enter a bank branch or through a bank transfer to the account provided. You will have 48 hours to make that payment.

If you do not confirm the e-mail or do not make the bank transfer or the bank deposit within 48 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Banking data for payment are as follows:

Banking data: ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK S.L. IBERCAJA: ES45 2085 8224 6894 0001 0007


If you live in Spain, you can make your payment against refund. In "Shipping Method", select "Contra Refund". You will receive an e-mail where you will have to confirm your intention to pay for the delivery of your order at home, by clicking the corresponding button. Once you have confirmed, we will proceed to send your order to make payment to the delivery. Remember to have the fair amount of the purchase prepared, the messenger does not carry change. If you do not confirm the e-mail we will not proceed to the sending of your order.

All orders made in the anti-reimbursement modality entail an increase of 2.5 euros for the cost of managing the collection. The total should be calculated including shipping costs.