General conditions of sale

1. Application of General Conditions of Sale

The General Sales Conditions below (hereinafter "General Conditions") reflect contractual relations between any user on the Website and the company ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK, Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) (hereinafter "ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK") in addition to each supplier reflected in the invoice documentation of each article. These general terms of sale are the only applicable and substitute for other conditions, except for prior, express and written derogation. ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK may promptly modify certain provisions of these general conditions, in the same way it will be necessary for the latter to be read before each visit to the website We believe that by validating your order, you will tacitly accept our general terms of sale.

Any order of the Customer implies a tacit and unreserved acceptance of the present General Conditions of Sale.

Any clause accompanying an order from the Customer or any other document (such as the General Conditions of Sales of the Customer) that was contrary or that added a new element to the present General Conditions shall not be admitted by ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK.

2. Prices and discounts

Products sold by ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK will be invoiced at the current price at the time of acceptance of the order by ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK, with VAT, shipping costs not included, provided that the delivery time is not extended by the Customer. ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK reserves the right to change its prices when it deems appropriate as long as it respects the laws in force. For the European Union, prices appear in euros on the website and also in the currency of the country of expedition. In certain cases, the products marketed in a currency other than the euro and with a variation greater than 3%, the mentioned variation could be transferred on the same day of the billing. After acceptance of the present general sales conditions of ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK and once the acceptance has materialized by voluntarily selecting the check box that proves that the general terms of sale have been read and approved, all ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK customers can benefit from discounts on the invoice, variables depending on the products requested on the web

  1. Each product marketed in has a price and discounts that can be variable throughout the life of the product, the discount percentage retained is the determined on the day of the order realization.
  2. There are products that can benefit from special discounts or specific offers materialized at the time of purchase (or volume).

3. Payment conditions

Except for particular terms written between the customer and ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK, applicable payment terms of ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK are the following:

  1. Payment of the order by credit card.
  2. Bank transfer if so agreed bilaterally in cases of time.
  3. Order payment by Paypal.
  4. Payment of the order by means of refund with a charge management commission of 2.5€.

4. Availability of products

Our products are proposed in the stock limit available. The indications about the availability of the products come from our suppliers and will be provided at the time of your order. All exceptional errors or modifications are alien to our will and do not imply liability on the part of ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK. In case of indisposability of the product, once the order has been made, we will notify you by email and in the short term, and may, if you wish, cancel your order if the delay is more than 15 working days.

5. Shipping – Delivery – Shipping costs

Once you have received your order, we recommend that you verify that the delivery corresponds to the order made and that the package is in good condition, if not, indicate in the delivery box any type of anomaly existing (under reservation), duly filled and signed.

Except for specific customer indication, ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK choose the delivery mode of the products. The latter travel under the responsibility of the recipient.

The customer may benefit from an EXPRESS delivery if this option is enabled and thus explicit in the shipping options when processing the order. The conditions apply only to deliveries in Spain and the Balearic Islands. The initial deadlines are 1 to 3 working days.

The customer must, from the reception, verify the good condition of the package and make the appropriate observations with the carrier company within the prescribed legal period. Attention: the "sub-reservation of control" or "sub-reservation of the inside of the package" are devoid of legal value with the carrier or insurance company.

The Customer is in the obligation to provide proof of any absence or damage of one or more items of the order. ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK suppliers they undertake to comply with the stipulated delivery time, but they reject any claim for damages for any delay in delivery and will not accept any cancellation of order. An unavailable order of items may reach your destination within a longer time than the intended one or may eventually be cancelled. If the Customer does not receive your order within the specified time limit, you must inform the supplier that is made explicit in your invoice within 30 working days from the date of shipment, so that an investigation with the transport company will be opened. The latter may last several days. A copy of your DNI and an affidavit of the person present in the delivery address must be included in the request, attesting to the non-reception of the package. During this research, ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK or the supplier will not be able to make any decisions about what will be done with the Customer's order.

6. Claims

If the products received are not in accordance with the invoice, the Customer shall notify the provider in detail in the invoice of each product and ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK, immediately or within three days of the receipt of the order. A copy of the invoice should be added to the Customer's claim.

Any claim on the quality of a product shall be accompanied by specimen or model of the item with the specified defect, and to the extent possible a fact check, a sample of the product itself in its original packaging with useful references for identification.
No claim shall be admitted if the above conditions are not respected.

7. Returns

It will only be possible to return the products after prior and written agreement with the supplier of each item and/or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK. The returned products must be shipped to the agreed address in each case by running the shipping costs to the customer.

The returned products must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging, without any modification of their references or serial numbers, they must keep their label intact, as well as their stamps or marks to allow the marketing of these items.
The products must be forwarded to the agreed address in each case.
The products must be accompanied by a voucher of return and sent by the agreed means in each situation.
In case of return without prior agreement with the product supplier and/or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK, the goods will be systematically returned, running the shipping costs to the Customer.

8. Warranty and after-sales services (SPV)

8.1 Commercial guarantees of the company manufacturers of the products

Products marketed by ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK they have a 6-month manufacturer warranty. This warranty can be extended and varied depending on the manufacturers and products.

Repairs with warranty or without guarantee of brand materials from manufacturers (either directly present in Spain or represented by third parties) are guaranteed by these manufacturers or their authorized representatives.

In the event of default, the materials must be sent directly to the manufacturers or their authorized representatives.

By default, you can send us your product by Mail (or another transport company) to the address indicated in your return voucher.

The shipping costs of the item(s) are charged by the customer.

Guarantees of products marketed in do not cover:
- abnormal or unconformed use of products.
- the defects and their consequences arising from non-use of the product itself.
- defects and their consequences related to all external causes.

In all cases, ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK is excluded from any liability if the manufacturer rejects the application of the warranty.

9. Advertising

We will be able to give you advertising material and presentation of our services (Catalogues, advertisements), only for use and exposure in the addresses authorized by ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK for the sale of your products.

The Customer who wishes to advertise is committed to prior consultation of the services of ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK competent to obtain your agreement.

10. Brand protection

Brands distributed by each supplier and/or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK shall be protected by existing laws and international conventions.

Consequently, neither the Customers, nor third parties in general, may use the factory marks without prior and written agreement of the latter; it is understood that the acceptance of these general conditions does not in any case imply such authorization.

11. Insurance

To cover the risks of loss, theft, or other damage in the course of transportation, each party will make the necessary arrangements with its own insurance company.

12. Liability limit

Providers of each article and/or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK shall not accept any liability for direct or indirect loss or damage, regardless of the nature of the cause.

The Customer may not, in any case, apply a retention in the amount of invoices corresponding to an incomplete delivery or defective products.

13. Property of the articles

Suppliers of articles and/or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK the property of the goods delivered to the full payment of the aforementioned goods is reserved. All products present in the premises of the Customer shall be considered the property of ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK until you try your full payment.

14. Resolution clause for sale

If the payment of a delivery is not made on the deadline, the sale will be canceled in full right eight days after a payment requirement notified by letter certified with unanswered receipt notice by the client, ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK or the supplier may claim in this case the unpaid and liable goods to be returned with expenses by the Customer, and without prejudice to all the damage and eventual interests of the supplier or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK.

15. Deadline for payment

The lack of payment of an agreed amount on a precise date will entail the immediate enforceability of all outstanding amounts by the Customer.

16. Applicable Law – Attribution of jurisdiction

If you do not find a solution that is friendly to a possible dispute, all disputes between ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK or supplier and their Customers shall be of the exclusive competence of the courts of Alicante and the applicable law shall be the Spanish law. Certain goods present in the present invoice may be subject to regulation relating to strategic products. Similarly, they may not be exported without prior and express authorization from the supplier or ABACO BUSINESS NETWORK.

17. Conditions to benefit from a VAT-free payment

If your company is in a European Union country and if you provide in a valid intracommunity VAT number and forwarded by the European Union country in which your company is established, will not make you pay the full amount of your order. This intracommunity VAT number is valid and forwarded by the competent tax authorities. You must know and accept the following conditions:

  • You declare and guarantee that the number of intracommunity VAT you have given in corresponds to that of your company and that the latter is in a country of the European Union;
  • You declare and guarantee that the set of transactions made in your account have been made by your company with the number of intracommunity VAT you have provided to;
  • You declare and guarantee that the number of intracommunity VAT and the set of other information you have provided are up to date, are accurate and accurate and that you will inform us immediately of any changes or updates concerning these informations;
  • you reserve the right to request yourself or the competent authorities as the law authorizes, the supplementary information and confirm the validation of the information concerning your order (mainly your intracommunity VAT number). expressly authorize to collect and obtain these information from the competent authorities. On the other hand, you should provide in any information on your account whenever requested by the latter;
  • will proceed to cancel your order if your VAT number is not valid or if the supporting documents necessary for exoneration have not been provided

Any incorrect information we receive in order to manipulate and decrease the percentage of VAT or to benefit from the exoneration of it can result in judicial proceedings.

18. Opening of account in

The purchase on the Site is reserved to any Customer who wishes to purchase products under the following conditions.

For the first opening of an account in www.conbuenpie.comthe Customer undertakes to provide us with the following truthful and indispensable information requested in the registry.

In each order, the Customer undertakes to provide:
- a valid e-mail address.
- a fixed phone number (work or domicile) where we can locate you at normal working hours.

Company data :



c/Ronda Vall D'Uxo, 125 / 12

03206 Elche (Alicante)


Inscribed in the R.M. of Alicante, volume 4059, folio 92, sheet A-156401, registration 1