The firm

La%20firma.jpgWe started to be Goodfoot in 2008. Date we took the first step of a project that has grown to become what we are today, your brand of trust. Since then, more than 5000 people have shoed one of our shoes. Many women, men and children and shared moments that we are part of.

We think of you, therefore we have a variety of models and brands, in which every detail is taken care of to the maximum. Comfortable, ergonomic, elegant shoes for all occasions and moments. No matter what your age is, no matter what your style is, Goodfoot You'll always find a shoe for you.

We started only with shoes, over time we have expanded our offer by incorporating designer bags, clothing, jewelry and accessories, always of last trend. We try to improve every day and for this, it is necessary to listen to our clients and follow closely the trends of both Spanish and international fashion.

Today we continue to work with the same illusion and conviction as in 2008, but with the experience that gives us almost half a life adoring the shoes, adoring the woman, man and child who wears them.

Polígono Industrial de Carrús. Av Novelda 183, Local 7

03206 Elche (Alicante)

Telephone: 603 396 675



Made in Spain

It's been a long time since we got a commitment to quality, every pair of shoes we choose is like it's for ourselves. For this reason from the selection of the skin, to the selection of horres that conform to the real needs of each woman, man and child are important to us.

A commitment that unites us to a land where, for generations, shoemaking is more than a way of life. That's why our products are made in Spain, and thus look proud of the "made in Spain". We know it is not easy, but we have managed to offer quality products without giving up the Spanish quality seal and guarantee.

Quality, design and price, three indisputable factors Goodfoot put it at your disposal.



Like you, we also have our little secrets and tips for the care of your shoes and always be perfect:

Mind the Ante

Surface stains usually disappear without a trace after brushing them with a specific brush. Remember not to apply cream or water on the suede if you want to keep its characteristic finish in felt.

Care of the Charol

Use a cotton impregnated in water to clean the stains. Then rub with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust remnants and rekindle the shine.

Care of the Leather

Surfacely clean with a damp cloth the entire surface of the shoe. Then apply the cream to nourish the skin and let it dry. Once dry it rubs with a soft cloth, which is completely dry, until you get the shine you want on the skin.